EGPR 2013

Host university: City University London
Industrial partner: Condor Project Ltd.
Task: Design and build an aircraft to be flown by disabled pilots.

Now in its ninth year, EGPR 2013 was hosted by City University London. 50 undergraduate students from five international universities were involved.

This year’s industrial partner, Condor Projects Ltd, (company’s ModiFly site) has extensive workshop facilities, skilled engineering workforce and a passion for flying. Condor Projects Ltd plan to expand.

This year’s task was to develop an accessible aircraft, that can be flown by people with specific accessibility needs, such as those with lower limb disabilities.

The final workshop was from 10th to 13th June 2013, where the participating students met each other in person and built their own concept’s prototype.

During the workshop the students went to Hull for a few days where Condor Projects Ltd is based.

EGPR 2013 – workshop video

About the filming of the video

EGPR 2011 – workshop gallery


City University London hosted the final workshop of this year’s European Global Product Realisation (EGPR) course.

On 14th June, members of the public had the opportunity to view the final prototype of the aircraft fuselage developed by the students on EGPR 2013..

Professor Roger Crouch, Conjoint Dean of the School of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences and the School of Informatics, welcomed visitors and congratulated all course participants.

Professor Ahmed Kovacevic, Howden Chair in Engineering Design and Compressor Technology at City, says EGPR gives participants important exposure to the industrial arena:

“The project teaches the students invaluable lessons. They learn how to operate in an industrial environment, working on a sales-driven project. It also offers a glimpse of life at a multinational level, where soft skills count as much as hard data. This year, Condor Projects Ltd has been an ideal partner company and they have come up with the very challenging project of designing a fuselage for a two-seater plane to be flown by disabled people.”

Martyn Wiseman, Managing Director of Condor Projects Ltd, is impressed with the high calibre of work presented by the participants:

“EGPR has been a revelation to us at Condor Projects Ltd. The students should be proud of the depth of research and design they have demonstrated. In six months they have achieved more than most design organisations in the aeronautical industry achieve in three years. They have not only come up with a realistic design which we intend to develop into a working prototype but have attained an invaluable platform from which to expand the goals of making flying available to everyone, particularly those suffering a disability.”

MEng (Mechanical Engineering) student, Katherine Frost, said:

“Taking part in EGPR this year has been a highlight of my time here at City. EGPR is unlike any other university course I’ve taken; not many students leaving university are able to say that they’ve designed a new product which may soon be available to the public.”