EGPR 2005

The course sponsor was a Swiss company AVIDOR, which develops innovations in the field of vineyard equipment. The project task was developing concepts and prototypes for eco-friendly vineyard spraying. The aims of the task included reducing the chemicals consumption, developing a more targeted spraying to the leaves, reducing the losses of chemicals in the air and better micronization of the droplets. In this year City University joined the 4 partner Universities in the EGPR course.

The course began on 7th February 2005 with an introductory videoconference meeting and finished with a closing workshop in Lausanne between 6th June and 10th June 2005.  43 students participated, building six functioning prototypes.

EGPR 2005 – testing of wineyard spraying robot prototypes

In 2005 the students of the EGPR course built 6 functional prototypes of wineyard spraying robots. The in-field testing was performed near the site of Avidor company, demonstrating the functionalities of the prototypes.