The EGPR History

The EGPR is an academic course, which joins together students from multiple European universities. Different cultures, experience and knowledge are tossed together to realize a project in an virtual environment. The aim of the project is to materialize a global product, which includes steps ranging from the market research to the production of the physical working prototype.

It all started in 2002 when EPFL from Switzerland, FME, University of Ljubljana from Slovenia and TU Delft from the Netherlands joined forces with two companies – LIV Postojna, Slovenia and deVlamboog, the Netherlands in executing the first edition of the EGPR course. During the years, several new Universities joined the course. The 10th edition of the course has been completed in 2011 by 5 participating Universities – EPFL from Switzerland, FME Ljubljana from Slovenia, Budapest University of Technology and Economics from Hungary, University of Zagreb from Croatia and City University London and an industrial partner Direct Line from Hungary.